“Don’ cry for me, I’m already dead” by Rebecca Sugar + Latino translation


titulo dcfm*This article was originally written and posted by myself in the Blog CodeAnimation (14.12.2011). Like the saying goes:Yoink!

In this ocassion I wish to share a moving story for those of you who grew up watching Earth’s most beloved yellow-skinned family…
Some readers may have recognize the origin of this comic´s title or already heard from its creator. Rebecca Sugar is a renowned artist who started working as a writer/storyboard artist in the famous cartoon show “Adventure Time” (‘Hora de Aventura’ for latinamerican viewers of Cartoon Network). Nowadays she’s busy with her own show called “Steven Universe“, that also transmits in CN. For more info, you can check Rebecca’s Tumblr page.

Don’t cry for me, I’m already dead” is a short story about two siblings who are hardcore Simpsons Fanboys. As I read this comic a long time ago for the first time, I got really touched by its story, but at the same time I asked myself (as a Latin American Simpsons fan) if it would have the same effect when using the nostalgic quotes from the mexican dubbing that any compatriot of mine would know.

Luckily, I had back then the chance to contact Rebecca through an email and asked for her permission to translate her work. The result is crudely edited in Paint (if any volunteer wishes to polish it, be my guest), but it fulfills overall its purpose.




sugar3 esp








sugar11esp FIN


The website where Rebecca originally published this comic (Sugarboukas.com) is offline, but here is the wordpress blog (dawolfey) where I found out the comic in its original version, based in the dialogues from the U.S airing of the Simpsons. Thanks to both Rebecca and dawolfey for their collaboration.



ps. I thought of editing a version based on the german dub, since this is a multi-lingual blog. But:

1. Simpson´s german dub is imo really bad. Entschuldigung.

2.  locha



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